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About the "CEE - School for Youth Campaigners" training series

The CEE - School for Youth Campaigners gathers young people, students and activists from Ukraine and Germany to create outreaching projects in a collaborative and transnational environment. In total 25 participants will be trained step by step in basic project management methods, human and minority rights as well as campaigning techniques to impart complex and valueable topics to various target groups. 
Within every workshop the participants will collaborate in small mixed groups of five to apply the learned skills to their specific projects. Within the whole course, the participants will be guided by trainers, project coordinators as well as alumnis of the InMOE community to set up civic campaign-projects and to launch them in the final phase of the trainings.

Apply to the CEE - School for Youth Campaigners until 22.08.2021 hereYou can apply with your own project idea or simply join another project!We will send you the confirmation about your participation on 20.08.2021.


How will the training series enrich you in particular?


With focus on implementing your own project the CEE - School for Youth Campaigners will impart:

  • The basics of project management 

    It will help you to frame your project

  • Deep insights in human rights, women rights and minority rights

    It will give your project more depth

  • Basics of campaign management 

    It will help you to promote and execute your project

  • Creation of landing pages      

    Enables you to shape your internet presentation

  • Support

    Will give you up to 500€ financial support for your project

  • Networking

    Help you to find an active team of participants for making your idea real  

What does it mean to apply with your own project idea?


Imagine, that you have a project idea related to the topics of human rights, women rights, minority rights or environment.
What helps you to put your idea into action would be a small team of hands-on people, conceptual support and some micro funding
The CEE - School for Youth Campaigners provides you with all above.

With what kind of project ideas in particular can you apply?


Project topic on human rights, minority rights, women rights or environment.


It takes place in Germany or Ukraine.


It reaches your local community.


Your project will be realized until end of December 2021 with measurable results.


It is a non-profit project.

Who can participate?

You are between 18 - 35 years and you have a good command in English.

You live in Ukraine or Germany.

You are interested in actively shaping the future.

How many project ideas are getting accepted and funded?

25 participants are working in five project teams on their specific campaign.
In case your project idea gets rejected for any reason, you can still participate in another project.

How to apply? Do I need to apply with a project idea? 

To apply you need to fill out the registration form.Ideally, you have a project idea in mind, which you briefly describe in the registration form. You can also apply without a project idea and join one of the other projects.


Schedule for CEE - School for Youth Campaigners

The School for Youth Campaigners consists of ten sessions:

  • Introduction | Sunday - 29.08.2021 | 1 pm - 6 pm CEST

    In this session, participants will get to know each other, the organisations and the training plan. Participants will then work in groups in a "future workshop" to highlight the most pressing issues they want to work on, as well as agree on the envisioned solutions and impacts as the main direction for the following projects to be developed.

  • Project Management I | Monday 30.08.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    The participants will get introduced into the life cycle of project management. The participants identify the stakeholder and main beneficiaries, define the project objectives and establish a primary timeline.Fabian Melchers will run this session.

  • Minorities & Minority Rights | Tuesday - 31.08.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    In this session the participants will be interactively introduced into the topic of descrimination and sociometry, and get a better understanding of the "legal vs actual" situation in Ukraine and Germany. Moreover the participants will learn about Human Rights and right to be protected from discrimimination. Methods to define/recognize forms of discrimination are going to be practised, as well as dealing with hate speech and hate crimes.Yana Salakhova will run this session.

  • Campaigning I | Monday 06.09.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    The participants will learn about the best examples of human rights campaigns, including those aimed at women's rights and environmental initiatives. All stages of implementation of such campaigns, including features of their communication will be considered.Educational methods: interactive lecture, showing and group discussion of thematic videos, analysis of best practices and possible mistakes, brainstorming, surveys, work in large and small groups.Olha Vesnianka will run this session.

  • Women Rights | Tuesday - 07.09.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    Women's Rights and Countering Sexism
    The participants will learn the causes and manifestations of gender inequality, opportunities to combat gender stereotypes and prejudices. Participants will learn and discuss how to avoid, overcome sexism, how to communicate their own projects correctly from gender optics, discuss the specifics of their own countries, learn about best practices of youth initiatives and not only to overcome sexism, combat gender violence.
    Educational methods: interactive lecture, showing and group discussion of thematic videos, brainstorming, surveys, work in large and small groups
    Olha Vesnianka will run this session.

  • Project Management II | Tuesday 14.09.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    After learning how to successfully frame a campaign and set project objectives, the participant will start developing project activities. They will work on a more concrete schedule, set up the campaign plan and start assessing risks with basic risk management tools.Fabian Melchers will run this session.

  • Landing Page Creating | Wednesday 15.09.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    In this session the participants will learn how to setup quickly and easily a landing page using "Weblium" to have a solid online presentation for their campaigns. They will learn about important terminology, "dos & don'ts" and the European Data Protection Act. During this session the participants will start to setup the landing page for their projects.  Otari Glonti will run this session.

  • Project Management III | Thursday 16.09.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    In this session, participants focus on the project budget plan and basic evaluation tools. This session also provides time to work on the project presentations for the pitch in the last session.Fabian Melchers will run this session.  

  • Campaigning II | Thuesday 21.09.2021 | 6pm - 8pm CEST

    Given the announced initiatives, there will be a practical session in which the participants will consider in detail the specifics of planning and conducting specific campaigns and their communication, work with the media in Ukraine and Germany. Participants will receive practical advices and recommendations after presentation of their planned activities.Educational methods: group discussion, work in small groups, analysis of the field of stakeholders on various topics of future projectsOlha Vesnianka will run this session.  

  • Discussion of intermediate results | Saturday 27.11.2021 | 11am - 3pm CET

    To be anounced ...

Where do the training sessions take place?

All sessions are going to be hosted online via Zoom. However, your projects should be launched and installed locally (e.g. in your city or neigbourhood).


Our Team


Yana Salakhova


Yana Salakhova, Human Rights activist and trainer in the field of countering discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes. Moreover she is a consultant for the Council of Europe , practicioner of the Theatre of the Oppressed, Head of NGO "Theatre for Change". Yana will run a session on the topic of Minority Rights.


Olha Vesnianka


Olga Vesnyanka is a human rights defender, Council of Europe consultant, and media trainer. She is a co-founder of the Campaign Against Sexism Povaha, a member of the Coalition against Discrimination in Ukraine. She has extensive experience with Deutsche Welle, Hromadske Radio, QHA Media, Romano Radio Chiriklo. And last years, Olga worked as a human rights consultant at OSCE ODIHR-supported project and worked as a media trainer on sensitive reporting with Internews Ukraine. Her journalistic works on social and human rights issues have been recognized at competitions in Ukraine and Europe. As a trainer and mentor Olga Vesnianka works with the media, youth, activists and politicians, NGOs, national communities, law enforcement.Olha will run a session on Women Rights and two sessions on campaigning.


Otari Glonti

Trainer & Projectcoordinator

Otari is currently the first chairperson of InMOE. He work as a software developer and test automation engineer. Otari wants to empower young activites by giving them practical IT Know-How and coding skills to tackle social problems and corruption.Otari will teach the participants how to create landing pages for their projects.


Fabian Melchers

Trainer & Projectcoordinator

In addition to his two years with InMOE, Fabian works as a project coordinator in the field of civil society funding for a German ministry. Before that, he was a volunteer at terre des hommes for four years and studied social sciences in Bochum, Bonn and Budapest. His professional interests include Hungary and the Western Balkans. Fabian will run the sessions on project management.


Sebastian Hasse


Sebastian studied computer science and is a certified mediator. He has been involved with InMOE for nine years now, three years as first chairperson. Sebastian loves stories and believes that paradoxes and contradictory perspectives are an essential part of human life.


Viktor Sipieiev


Viktor is the head of non-government organization “Youth Initiative of Cities”. He is experienced in project management, and also in budgeting. From 2014, he is a part of national Ukrainian program “Youth worker” as a trainer, from 2017 - he is a facilitator of “Active Citizens” program from British Council of Ukraine. Viktor is taking a part in “School for Democracy“ program. The main purpose is to develop an education system at schools.

Any questions?

For questions regarding this training series please write to ed.eom-evitaitini%40sgniniart.

NGOs and sponsors behind the CEE - School for Youth Campaigners

The project has been designed by "Initiative Mittel-und Osteuropa e.V." and is carried out by "Initiative Mittel-und Osteuropa e.V." and "NGO Youth Initiative of Cities".The project is funded under the grant program “MEET UP! Youth for Partnership” by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ)Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office. 


Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V.

The Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. (InMOE) is an international non-profit network that strengthens, unites, and inspires young civil society actors to effect positive change in their communities. Since 2008, we have conducted trainings, forums, and other events that empower individuals and foster international partnerships. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we connect around 30 diverse member organizations from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.For more information visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InMOEor on our website: https://www.initiative-moe.de/about-us/

NGO Youth Initiative of Cities

NGO «Youth Initiative of Cities» was founded in 2011. The idea to create our Organization came up in 2010 among the group of active students of Donetsk region, after creating a volunteering project «Kind heart». Then We began to provide the assistance to orphans and elderly people in Donetsk region.
The primary goal of activities of the YIC is protection of legitimate rights and interests of its members, promotion of development and social self-realization of young people, creation of conditions for cultural, intellectual and physical development of youth, implementation of community projects in order to help socially disadvantaged population and society. YIC is sustainable and impactful country-wide organization in Ukraine. We unite progressive youth with critical thinking, who takes an active part in building cohesive civil society and state. YIC is an organization which creates, helps, initiates, teaches and inspires.

For more information visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YICofficialor on our website: https://www.ngomig.org/

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