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3D-ECO course equip local Berliners with skills for the present and future.Our comprehensive course is designed to teach fundamental skills in 3D design and 3D printing, coupled with an exploration of recycling materials and upcycling.

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About the 3D-ECO Project

Our mission is the environmental and technological empowerment of the local youth community in Berlin, with a dedicated effort to support the integration of Ukrainian refugees.
3D-ECO offers a creative dive into the world of 3D printing, guiding you through the process of designing and creating your own 3D models.
We engage participants in a hands-on exploration of the plastic recycling process, not only instructing them on repurposing waste materials but also raising awareness about the challenges in recycling.
Moreover, our course introduces you to the concept of upcycling, teaching you how to repurpose waste materials and old clothes into valuable products.
By the end of the course, participants will show their gained skills by combining own 3D printed objects with upcycled clothing to create and campaign their own slogans for freedom, mutual respect, democracy, environment or other important messages.
Course structure and schedule:Our course is a blend of interactive and modern training sessions, designed for engagement and learning fun. The course unfolds over a month, with a weekly focus on a distinct sustainable practice.
● 3D printing, recycling, upcycling offline in Berlin.● Live online sessions for 3D modeling.● Self-paced learning with comprehensive resources
Additional MotivationParticipants staying with us until the end, receive certificate, bonus programs and can be part of our upcoming fashion show in Berlin.

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    This project is funded by the European Union through Erasmus+.


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Week One


    Dive into the essentials of 3D modeling.
    Learn the fundamentals of 3D printing.
    Print your own things! 

Week Two


    Understand different plastic types.
    Become aware of the challenges in recycling plastics and learn about the circular economy approach.
    Discover plastic recycling in the context of 3D printing.We will recycling in action!   


Week Three


    Fast Fashion vs. Environment.Learn about problems of recycling fashion & which eco friendly practises exist.
    Upcycling workshop where you will be using a piece of clothing and combining it with 3D printing from recycled material.
    Social media campaign to promote freedom, respect, democracy, environment or other important issues.

When and where the course will take place

A course consists of several workshop sessions, which will span a total of 3 weeks. We will offer the workshops for small groups of 5 - 10 participants several times until the beginning of summer. 
The offline workshop sessions will take place in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, partly near the Alexanderplatz at the Haus der Materialisierung.

Here is the schedule for the next course in August:(The course language is German)

  • 3D printing workshop practice

    ● Introduction to 3D modelling● Introduction to 3D printing● 1 week time for project tasks

    Group 1: Monday, 05.08.2024 | 17:30 to 20:00Group 2: Tuesday, 06.08.2024 | 17:30 to 20:00In our office in Berlin (Offline)

  • Sustainablity: Practical plastic recycling workshop

    ● Introduction to plastic recycling● Introduction to plastic types● Practical recycling of plastic

    Group 1: Monday, 12.08.2024 | 17:30 to 20:00Group 2: Tuesday, 13.08.2024 | 17:30 to 20:00In our office in Berlin (Offline)

  • Sustainablity: workshop theory

    ● Introduction to circular economy● Sustainable clothing & Fast fashion● 1 week time for project tasks

    Group 1: Monday, 26.08.2024 | 17:30 to 20:00Group 2: Tuesday, 27.08.2024 | 17:30 to 20:00In our office in Berlin (Offline)

  • Upcycling workshop practice

    ● Upcycling● Sewing 3D printed objects onto clothing● Time for project tasks

    (preliminary) Group 1: Thursday, 30.08.2024 | from 16:00Group 2: Monday, 02.09.2024 | from 16:00At Haus der Materialisierung (Alexanderplatz, Offline)

There are homework and group tasks between each session. The exact workshop content will be given after successful application.

Why you should take part in 3D ECO

Job skills

Get ready for modern jobs. 3D printing is already sculpting today's world. So start learning it now

Fullfile your creativity

Unleash your creative potential and be able to create your own unique objects and clothing

Wear your creativity

Set a trend in eco-conscious style by waering your own upcycled fashion with innovative 3D printed accents


Be invited to upcoming advanced workshops, fashion shows & companies using 3D printing technology

Earn Your Certificate

Earn a valueful certificate recognizing your newly acquired skills in 3D modeling, 3D printing, plastic recycling & upcycling

Play with technology

Experiment with your ideas using our space and 3D printers. Create first prototypes with our tools and support

Community & friends

Become part of a new 3D printing community in Berlin, find new friends with same interests, collaborate and be creative together

Support what matters

Make a contribution by printing your message of support for Ukraine & democracy, to a global movement of solidarity

Waste reduction

Learn basics of plastic recycling, fashion sustainability and circular economy. Contribute to reducing waste.

Who can participate?

This workshop is ideal for those who are interested in new technologies and useful knowledge in sustainable practices together with positive environmental impact through creative and technical skills. We mainly look for participants, living in Berlin, who are between 16-old and 35 years old, school or university student or Ukrainian refugee.

You are between 16 - 29 years 

You are a school student or university student in Berlin or Ukrainian refugee

You understand English or German well.

You live in Berlin 

You have your ideas or you are ready to work in a group with an idea

You run till the end with us and don't stop after the first session

Here you can apply for 3D-ECO

To apply for 3D-ECO, please complete this form .You can already apply for the course in June until 02.08.2024
Please note: We have already received many registrations for the course in August, yet there are still a few places available. Should the places for August soon be fully booked, we still recommend you to register with us now, as we offer you the next courses in September.We will communicate the specific course dates for September as soon as possible.We will repeat this course several times until the end of summer and try to offer an alternative for interested people over 30.

Our Course

In April

Our Course

In June


  • I don't have a 3D printer at home. Can I still apply? Does it still make sense then?

    Of course. The course is designed so that participants only need a laptop. We have enough 3D printers on our rooms, which participants can use free of charge during the workshop.

  • My child is only 15, 16 or 17 years old. As a parent, can I also take part in the workshop?

    Yes, you can register as a parent and complete the course together with your child.

  • I will probably miss part of the workshop. Can I still receive a certificate?

    It depends. We will try to create enough offers so that some units can be completed later or as homework. It is important that we see that the participant has made an effort to catch up on the knowledge and, for example, does the homework.

  • In which language will the workshops be held?

    The course will mainly be held in German. If there are enough English-speaking applicants who do not speak German, we would most likely offer a second workshop in English at a later date.

  • I have never done 3D modeling and I have never sewn. Is that a problem?

    That is no problem. Whis course is designed for beginners.

  • Where exactly will the offline sessions take place?

    In Prenzlauer Berg or close to Alexanderplatz. More detailed information you will receive after successful application.

  • I am older than 35, can I still take part in the workshop?

    If you are over 35, you can only take part as a parent or accompanying person for a young person. However, it is still worth applying, as we often organize similar workshops on 3D printing and can offer you alternatives. Just write to us and we'll take it from there.

  • I m younger than 16 years, can I still participate?

    In principle yes, if you are under 18, we need a declaration of consent from your parents in any case and if necessary you should participate with an accompanying person.

  • Do I have to buy hardware and software for the workshop?

    You just need to bring your laptop. We use software for the workshop that you can install and use free of charge.

  • What does participation in the workshop cost?

    The workshop is free of charge for participants. However, as a volunteer organization, we would appreciate a donation of between €10 and €30.

  • Can I register together with a friend?

    Of course. For practical reasons, each of you should fill out the application form individually.

  • I work as a teacher in a school, an association or an institution. Could the workshops take place on my location?

    Yes, this is possible in principle. We would be happy to talk about it.

NGOs and sponsors behind the 3D ECO

The project has been designed by "Initiative Mittel-und Osteuropa e.V." and is carried out by "Initiative Mittel-und Osteuropa e.V." and the NGO "Green Elephant Foundation". The project is funded under the grant program “Erasmus+"


NGO Green Elephant Foundation

"Green Elephant" Foundation focuses on educational activities aimed to face social problems like violence, discrimination, racism, hate speech, problem of inadequate level of education, problems which the youths encounter while starting their adventure on the labor market, projects aimed for raising entrepreneurial and civic awareness, and projects on ecological awareness, projects focused on sustainable development, Green Policies, reduction of the human footprint.
They have organized and led over 20+ international educational events, both youth exchanges and training courses, minimum a week-long, in Poland but also events located in Slovakia, Malta, Georgia and online. These events embraced approximately 500-600 youth workers and young people from all over EU and the partner countries, under various financing programes.


InMOE - Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V.

The Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. (InMOE) is an international non-profit network that strengthens, unites, and inspires young civil society actors to effect positive change in their communities. Since 2008, we have conducted trainings, forums, and other events that empower individuals and foster international partnerships. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we connect around 30 diverse member organizations from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.
For more information visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InMOEor on our website: https://www.initiative-moe.de/about-us/

Our Team


Otari Glonti

Trainer & Projectcoordinator

Otari is currently the first chairperson of InMOE. He works as a software developer and test automation engineer. 3D printing is his passion. Otari wants to empower young people by giving them practical skills.


Sebastian Hasse


Sebastian studied computer science and is a certified mediator. He has been involved with InMOE since 2012, including three years as the first chairperson. His focus at InMOE is on community management. Sebastian loves stories and believes that paradoxes and contradictory perspectives are an essential part of human life.




Graphic designer and 3D Printing enthusiast who likes to discover new technologies and inspire the others with the possibilities they give. With a knack for organizing and facilitating workshops, this trainer creates a dynamic learning environment that encourages hands-on experimentation and fosters creativity.


Maryia Hlukhava


Trainer and a facilitator within non-formal education frame. She has been managing educational process since 2016. Her main training expertise are: mental health and body health connections, sports, mindfulness, digital detox, feminism, activism and advocacy campaigns development. She is passionate about organizing cultural events and exchanges, what resulted in her being an organizer of cultural festivals in Warsaw and Lomza, Poland.

Any questions?

For questions regarding this course please write to info[at]initiative-moe.de.

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