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Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. (InMOE) is an international non-profit network that strengthens, unites, and inspires young civil society actors to effect positive change in their communities

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War in Ukraine

Our offer to support Ukraine:
Every day at 10am CET we have an open Zoom call to match people who need help with offers of help from Germany and the EU. 
Please send us a short e-mail if you would like to take part: ed.eom-evitaitini%40dnatsrov
Due to our long-standing connections through various projects supporting civil society in Central and Eastern Europe, we have very direct and trustworthy contacts which we are happy to share.
If you want to support the general support for Ukraine financially, we recommend the donation appeal of our partner organisation MitOst e.V.:

Our Projects

Take a look on what we are doing


CEE – School for Youth Campaigners

Learn effective activism by implementing your own project idea – We will guide you with trainings and you will also recieve financial support for your project!
The project is funded under the grant program “MEET UP! Youth for Partnership” by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office.


“Youth for Dialogue” (Y4D) – Spring Academy for Youth Workers

4-week online training “Youth for Dialogue”, where participants will learn the methodology and different tools of “Dialogue” as a form of communication and dealing with conflicts, in order to run their own dialogues back home with young people from their community. The training is also seen as a space for reflection and community building process by using online community building platforms.


Your rights, our fight

How does the perception of LGBTQI rights look like in Germany and Ukraine - and how much do we know about as the citizens of these respective counties? How does the inclusion of LGBTQI rights and anti-discriminatory approaches function in these two countries on the institutional, cultural, societal, and personal levels?


Erasmus+: Forum Diversity

In the context of globalization, societal changes and migration, our societies become more and more diverse. There are many factors for Diversity in society: ethnicity, language, religion, gender, culture or politics. Also in Central and Eastern Europe the topic of Diversity, caused by migration, becomes visible, and awareness, acceptance, tolerance and integration vary on a large scale.


Erasmus+: Digitalized - Youth Camp on Transparency and Security in the Digital World

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Erasmmus+: Civil Society Welcoming Refugees in Europe

The Forum is an opportunity for actively engaged helpers to step out of their work and meet with other like-minded and similarly engaged activists, volunteers, social workers etc. The purpose is to deliberate the situation, exchange experiences and inspire or even coordinate next steps of (transnational) action.


Reinforce your real strengths



Embodied Leadership

Embodied Leadership is about using a variety of physical exercises including the Viewpoints Technique, Vipassana Meditation, and Contemplative Improvisation Training. We explore the dynamic relationship between collaboration leadership and personal change.


Identity and Diversity – Society for Change

Embodied Leadership is about using a variety of physical exercises including the Viewpoints Technique, Vipassana Meditation, and Contemplative Improvisation Training. We explore the dynamic relationship between collaboration leadership and personal change.


Erasmus+: Inside Out Leadership

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Erasmus+: Let's dance together to overcome social and cultural barriers!

We invite young people from Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Romania to take part in the youth exchange “Let's dance together to overcome social and cultural barriers!” and to reflect together how to overcome existing in society barriers and stereotypes using creative methods.


Auswärtiges Amt: Diversity School - Toolkit for young leader

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Chances of Diversity: Youth Initiatives and Peacebuilding in Eastern Europe

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Basic Project-Management Training in Berlin:

Young active people from Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Germany received a three-day basic training in skills and knowledge necessary to implement their projects.


Facilitating Change – The Role of Youth Initiatives in International Understanding

4-day forum for individuals and organisations to learn and exchange on questions of International Understanding in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the specific Role of Youth Initiatives in this matter. There will be workshops, experience sharing, and networking activities for 50 people from six European Countries.


Eutopia – A practice seminar on Permaculture, Downshifting and Community Spirit 

How does a community work? How can a community achieve self-sufficiency? What is permaculture and how can I integrate it into my life?
Interested in experimenting and finding your answers?
Join our practice seminar for the opportunity to experience and exchange in an international group the principles of permaculture, downshifting and community spirit!


Fund for Good - Basic Fundraising Training

The world and the needs of your community are ever-shifting, and to create the impact you want you must continuously grow and adapt.
We bring our combined 40+ years of expertise straight to your table, from courses to coaching to done-for-you services.


Steps of Tolerance

Young people from Belarus, Germany and Ukraine discover discrimination in daily life

The project is created in cooperation of the Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa (InMOE) e.V. with the Club for Young Leaders (Ukraine) and the New Faces (Belarus).


Generatia UA - Identity and Diversity:

Young people from Ukraine come together to discuss how diversity can be viewed as a gain in a country divided by conflict.


Network Development Workshop

What ego states and communitiy states do we need for effective-affective networking to take place? Is there a core scientific understanding? Is there a metaphysical-psychological understanding and need for us to wanting to network?



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About InMOE

The Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. (InMOE) is an international non-profit network that strengthens, unites, and inspires young civil society actors to effect positive change in their communities. Since 2008, we have conducted trainings, forums, and other events that empower individuals and foster international partnerships. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we connect around 30 diverse member organizations from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.
InMOE is a Berlin based NGO with the focus on Eastern and Central Europe consisting of natural and juridical members from Germany, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.
The heart of InMOE is a value-based community organized by and for its members, allumni and partners of diverse backgrounds with shared interest for development of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe through local activities.
InMOE creates/provides space and opportunities for meaningful intercultural exchanges and encounters, value-based network in order to empower people to take action and bring change towards civil society


Our Mission

Together we aim to foster a sustainable network of civil society actors and organizations founded on the values of tolerance, intercultural understanding and democratic governance


We initiate and support common and mutual qualification of our members.


We aid active exchanges between our members by regular interlinking offers. Besides this, we campaign for cultural and linguistic variety in the Network.

Give impetus

Oriented in our members’ requirements we give suggestions for efficient and innovative processes.

InMOE Values

These underlying values were identified in the time when the organization was created and are the basic values that are promoted by InMOE in its activities and working culture. Below is a short description of how we understand and practice them.  

  • Diversity  

    We welcome different cultures / religions / sexual orientations / minorities, etc. by doing an active search for differences and inviting them into the room and into our activities. 

  • Tolerance 

    We accept different opinions, ways of living and thinking, perceptions of the world. This excludes expressions of racism, xenophobia, sexism and other forms of discrimination. 

  • Bottom-up approach

    Decision-making in a non-hierarchical structure through consensus, taking into consideration votes and opinions of the civil society representatives, i.e. members of the organization and the network. 

  • Sustainability: personal and environmental 

    We care about each other on a personal level as well as care about environment. It is practiced in our organizational culture and through behaviors that we encourage, like using our working operational principles (see below) and being mindful and aware of the role we play in looking after the environment. 

  • Transparent and non-hierarchical governance 

    We are open about our activities, budgets and the ways how we operate. Although sometimes there is a project coordinator for our projects, as well as Head of the Board, we keep equal opportunities and equal value of the vote and opinion for all team members, using consensus as our main mean of interaction and decision-making. (Bodies only are implemented to maintain legal frames and working capability) 

  • Solidarity

    We show our support to discriminated groups / minorities and respond to their needs according to our capacities. We strive for a society where everyone has equal access to resources. We consider ourselves activists in the civil society.  


We support the development of young civil society initiatives in the following spheres:

  • Civic Capacity-Building

  • Arts & Culture

  • Human Rights & Diversity

  • Environmental & Sustainability   

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Get involved

Participate in projectsInMOE organizes a great variety of projects every year. During the projects you will not only learn a lot of cool stuff about a certain topic, but you will also get to know many participants from other countries and gain an insight into the work we do at InMOE.
Member organizationIn case you are already part of a youth initiative, becoming a member organization of InMOE is a great chance to network with other active young Europeans. Your organization should be based in Central and Eastern Europe or be involved in this region.
Local volunteerWe are especially happy about people in Berlin willing to support us with public relations, translations, project management. The activities should reflect your preferences and skills. If you are interested please send a message to the board.
Supporting memberThis is suitable for everybody appreciating our work and intending to support it financially. Moreover, you will always be up to date about current projects and you are more than welcome to contribute your ideas as well. If you are interested please send a message to the board.

Our Team


Otari Glonti

1st Chairperson

Otari is currently the first chairperson of InMOE. He work as a software developer and test automation engineer. Otari wants to empower young activites by giving them practical IT Know-How and coding skills to tackle social problems and corruption.Otari will teach the participants how to create landing pages for their projects.


Timo Pfender

2st Chairperson

Timo holds a Bachelor degree in European Studies with a social science orientation and the geographical focus on Central- and Eastern Europe. At the moment he is studying social work.
Besides his interests in civil society development in Central- and Eastern Europe and Russia, Timo is passionate about communication, personal development and understanding societal conditions of social exclusion and discrimination and it´s consequences on the personality.


Fabian Melchers


In addition to his two years with InMOE, Fabian works as a project coordinator in the field of civil society funding for a German ministry. Before that, he was a volunteer at terre des hommes for four years and studied social sciences in Bochum, Bonn and Budapest. His professional interests include Hungary and the Western Balkans. Fabian will run the sessions on project management.


Alevtina Snihir


Alevtina studied intercultural communication, languages, and public relations. She has been involved with InMOE for nine years now, including second and first chairperson positions. She works in a Think Tank and focuses on civil society development in Belarus and other Central- and Eastern European countries. Alevtina is passionate about lifelong learning and believes that creating a proper learning environment opens different dimensions for development.


Sebastian Hasse


Sebastian studied computer science and is a certified mediator. He has been involved with InMOE for nine years now, three years as first chairperson. Sebastian loves stories and believes that paradoxes and contradictory perspectives are an essential part of human life.


Özlem Gündoğdu


Özlem has a Bachelor degree in European Studies and a Master degree in Eastern European Studies with a major in law. She is also an IPMA

Our Partners


InMOE is a non-profit organisation. The board and all members contribute voluntarily to keep InMOE running and organizing meaningful projects. 
Your donation would help us to cover administrative costs and laverage our ability to impact society throw workshops and projects. 

Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V.IBAN: DE76100205000001110700BIC: BFSWDE33BER
As we are an offcially registrated NGO, we are able to handle out a donation receipt.
Thanks a lot for your support.

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