InMOE Fashion Jam in Berlin

Regular gathering in Berlin to discuss 3D printed fashion and sustainablity
This workshop is part of our 3DECO Project and our 3D Printing & Fashion Upgrading Workshops

3D Fashion Jam

Join our regular, cozy and exciting meetings where we discuss newest trends and development in context of 3D printed fashion and sustainability. But, we don't just chat, we also try to design sustainable clothes and accessories ourselves with 3D printing and give each other motivation and valuable tips.


What happens in our Fashion Jams

  • ● A participant gives a short presentation (max. 10 minutes) on a relevant topic such as sustainability, 3D design or circular economy in the context of fashion.

    ● Afterwards, the presentation is discussed and opinions are exchanged.● Participants will present their most recently developed 3D fashion designs, which will also be reviewed and discussed.● After all, people laugh, snack, drink and build up valuable tips and maybe hope to the next cozy bar.

What happens after each Jam

  • ● Bring old clothes that you no longer wear to our workshop.
    ● During and after the workshop we'll work out how to make your clothes enjoyable to wear again with 3D printed enhancements.
    ● Once there is an idea, we will meet again after the workshop for 3D printing the enhancements.


Community Building

  • Become part of our Berlin based 3D printing community that researches 3D printing in the context of sustainability, upcycling, fashion creation, social empowerment and supports each other in the creation of meaningful objects.



    You speak English or German

    Living in Berlin (Potsdam)

    You are a InMOE member or have previously participated in one of our projects or workshops or you are invited by one of us

    Young minded person & have willingness to contribute to the society

Our Fashion Jam is primarily for young designers who want to contribute to sustainable fashion and also to develop 3D printed fashion.
Since we want to build a community in Berlin, especially in the context of our other upcoming projects, we are looking for participants who would like to join us in the long term and be ready to contribute to build up a community in Berlin. 
English is our primary language of communication. But we speak also German and other languages. As women, refugees and members of minorities are underrepresented in the tech scene, we especially want to motivate them to participate in our workshops and Fashion Jams.

Place - Time - Costs

Our next Jam will take place in Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg in October. We don't have a date yet, but the time will be from 17:30 to 20:00.
A maximum of 10 people can participate in our Jam.The participation in the Jam is donation-based.We recommend a donation of 2€ to 5€. Feel free to bring some snacks/ drinks, too.


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What do we collect donations for?

We are currently collecting donations for our Megaman Project and specifically for the purchase of a 3D scanner. We want to teach disabled individuals in 3D printing, 3D scanning, Robotics and IoT to empowered them to create useful gadgets for themselves.A 3d scanner that is suitable for our purposes currently costs about 600€.We have collected so far 300€.

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